Ginger Pomelo Paloma

February 27, 2018

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve shared a recipe for an immune-boosting citrus smoothie, how I’m using lemon water to boost my mental health, and now here we are with the most light-hearted of the citrus posts, the Ginger Pomelo Paloma Cocktail. I actually didn’t have the intent to share so many citrus inspired posts, but I think that the reason I have can be narrowed down to the Sunkist event Jamie and I attended a couple of weeks ago. At the event, Jamie and I were told that we could each fill a massive tote bag with all the citrus our hearts desired. To be honest, we went a little crazy, both filling our bags to the brim with citrus! I mean, who can say no to free citrus!? Certainly not Jamie and I, haha! Anyway, among the blood oranges, lemons and limes, I grabbed a couple of massive pomelos which are a citrus I’d never used before but was extremely intrigued by. Though I hadn’t eaten a pomelo before, I’d heard that it tastes like grapefruit and so I immediately thought I’d try making Paloma’s with them! Side note* how cute does pomelo Paloma sound!? I’d assumed that I could simply juice the pomelo (like I can any other citrus) but I found upon cutting them open that they were super difficult to juice (was this just me or can they be juiced?) so I blended and strained them instead. I actually really liked the texture that the blended pomelo gave to the cocktail so I was pleased with my decision. The Ginger Pomelo Paloma is such a refreshing cocktail that I know I’ll be whipping up frequently…now that I actually know what a pomelo tastes like…And yes, if you were wondering, it is VERY similar to a grapefruit! Cheers!

Ginger Pomelo Paloma

-2 pomelos (I used 1 pink and 1 white)
-Juice of 1 lime + wedge for rim
-2 tsp, grated ginger
-3 oz tequila
-Soda water
-Dehydrated citrus, lime or pomelo slice for garnish
-Salt or sugar for rim (I like salt)

-Prep cocktail glasses by rimming each with lime juice and dipping them in salt.
-Chop up pomelos and add them to a blender. Alternatively, you can juice your pomelos but I found them difficult to juice compared to other citrus varieties, so I blended mine and really liked the texture it added to the cocktail.
-Blend pomelos on high until smooth.
-While the pomelos are blending, muddle ginger, tequila and lime juice in a cocktail shaker or measuring cup.
-Add ice.
-Strain pomelo juice through a sieve into the cocktail shaker or measuring cup filled with ice.
-Shake the cocktail shaker until it becomes cold. Alternatively, you can just stir the mixture in a measuring cup until the cocktail is chilled.
-Once again strain your cocktail over a sieve and into a new measuring cup (you have to do a double strain to get rid of the ginger and any last bits of pomelo).
-Pour your cocktail into the glass, leaving about a quarter of room.
-Top the Ginger Pomelo Paloma with soda water and enjoy!

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