Summer Sail

July 14, 2023

Happy Friday, friends! I know, I know, It’s been MONTHS since I last updated this blog platform, and I must admit, it feels a bit nostalgic to be typing away here. (is a blog now considered a relic!?) Life has taken me on a whirlwind these past 4-5 years, and while I’ve been sharing snippets of my journey on social media, I wanted to reconnect with this space and offer a little life update. So, here I am, saying a big HELLO to all of you!

Over the past few years, particularly since becoming a mother, I found myself gradually disconnecting from blogging and taking breaks from social media. The priorities in my life shifted, and the joy that The Blondielocks once filled me with dwindled. I made the conscious decision to post only when I truly felt compelled to share something meaningful. Let me tell you, it has been liberating. I find myself in a wonderful place right now—a place of self-discovery and growth. While I have had more than my fair share of mental health struggles since 2018 I finally do feel like a fully formed version of myself who had grown leaps and bounds. Becoming a mother was and is the biggest life lesson that I think could have ever happened to me and is truly the only thing that has pushed me to grow in healthy ways because I want to do better for them. Motherhood is such a trip and the most spiritual, beautiful thing. I have allowed myself to surrender to the process and lean into self-awareness and practise conscious parenting whereas before I was fighting something that just needed to be leaned into. It wasn’t easy and truly letting go of what I felt was “my ideal life” in Toronto and what that “should” look like was one of the hardest things I ever had to do and it was sooooo fucking ego based. I had to break and break again to understand who I am and recognize that my worth isn’t defined by others’ perceptions of me or the material possessions I have.

Pain, grief, and change can be excruciating both physically and mentally. They are the growing pains that shape us into resilient human beings. Sometimes, I wonder if I’ll ever be fully “healed” from the accumulated pain within me. But what I do know is that I don’t hold back when those emotions rise to the surface. By releasing them in healthy ways—through movement, tears, screaming into a pillow, or open conversations—I become a better mother, partner, and friend. I refuse to keep it all buried inside. Yes, it may knock me down for a few days, but I always find the strength to rise again. Isn’t that what life is all about? I am so grateful for finding the breakthroughs in the breakdowns and continue to ask what lessons am I meant to be found in each moment. All this to say is what is meant for you will absolutely find you if you just let go and have a little faith. It doesn’t mean that things won’t get sticky and messy (especially in a literal sense if you have kids, haha!) but it does mean that there is ALWAYS a silver lining if you just look for it. It’s also not about being toxically positive all of the time. Feel all of those really big feelings that come up and allow yourself to explore them. You can visit the sadness, grief and pain but you don’t have to live in it. Pain, grief, and change hurts physically and mentally…growing pains are so so real but a diamond only becomes a diamond after succumbing to an incredible amount of pressure being put on it and that is the same for being a human.

In this journey of self-discovery and growth, I’ve come to appreciate that deep pain allows us to recognize and savour moments of profound joy. So, be kind to yourself and extend that kindness to everyone around you. We all have different experiences and perspectives, but at our core, we’re connected by love. Let’s choose to give a little more of it.

Now, onto something a bit lighter! Jamie and I had a recent sailing trip with J Farewell Sailing. They graciously invited us for a sunset wine and cheese sail, and it was absolutely magical. The weather was warm, with a gentle breeze and we were treated to a stunning sunset. Choosing which boat to board not east as each vessel in the J Farewell sailing fleet is uniquely beautiful. Exploring our own city in such a unique way felt so special. I highly recommend this sailing tour; the captain and crew were fantastic. Plus, I got to choose the playlist, which was so exciting (hello “White Lotus” and “Big Little Lies” soundtrack!).

Oh, let me not forget to mention my outfit dilemma…the idea of sailing + going on a date night with Jamie, our first in months, had me having a mini meltdown about what to wear…I literally went through five different outfits (four of which have since been returned—haha!). I was determined to find the perfect sailing look that fit the vibe. I personally think I nailed it with this breezy shorts and button-down combo. Jamie and I had so many laughs and smiles throughout the evening, and it was truly special to reconnect as a couple. Balancing parenthood with quality time together can be challenging, which makes outings like this all the more meaningful. Gone are the days when we took these moments for granted—now, I cherish every single one!

As for what the future holds, well, I’m not sure when my next blog post will be. However, I’ve been considering sharing some content about a new chapter in my life. I actually don’t remember if I’ve shared on here that I’m opening a movement and wellness club/studio with my partner, Sarah!  We’re set to open Studio Twenty-Two in Windsor in approximately a month (give or take). I couldn’t be more thrilled about this venture. It feels like all the skills I’ve acquired over the years are converging into a physical space that will empower others to deepen their self-awareness and embark on their own journeys of growth. The support and healing I’ve experienced personally now become gifts I can extend to others in an intentionally designed environment. EEK!

Well, I think I may have just talked your ear off. I’m going to wrap it up here for now and allow you to enjoy these photos and perhaps maybe reflect on your own lives and where you might want to put some work into healing. Remember, what’s meant for you will always find its way into your life if you have a little faith and let go. It doesn’t mean things won’t get messy but as my partner Sarah recently said to me, there are little *glimmers* always waiting to be discovered. So, be open to the lessons life presents, embrace your emotions, and never shy away from seeking joy.

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend ahead. Stay tuned—I might just surprise you with another blog post sooner than you think. And if not, you can always catch up with me on Instagram at The Blondielocks and follow us at Studio Twenty-Two, where I’ll be sharing updates on our upcoming wellness haven. Take care, and let’s continue spreading love wherever we go!

With warmth and gratitude, 

Kaylee xx

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