Holly Jolly Jammies

December 21, 2023

Does anyone else partake in the Christmas Eve tradition of family jammies? While I may not be an Elf on a Shelf mama (yet, haha!), one of my favourite traditions is surprising the family with matching PJs on Christmas Eve to wear on Christmas morning. After the kids enjoy their final chocolate from their advent calendars, I surprise them with their matching jammies to unwrap. While I’ve had those particular PJs tucked away for months, I would Ideally love for these to be the PJs we wear on Christmas morning, because they are genuinely the softest and cosiest jammies we own (and have the sweetest print!

Regrettably, I had to gift these early for pre-Christmas photos, but it’s still been worth it. We’ve been enjoying wearing them multiple times a week (I’m wearing mine as I type this!). And if that doesn’t sell you…As soon as my mom saw me and the kids in our jammies, she couldn’t believe how soft they were and immediately asked where they were from. Now, they’ve made it onto her Christmas wishlist. Trust me, these jammies from the in-house collection at Mad About Style are worth all the hype!

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