Hyped on Stripes

February 26, 2018

Mixing prints and patterns is back in a big, bold way this year. I’m thrilled to be adding a bit more of a playful, unexpected element into my outfits moving into spring, especially when it comes to stripes on stripes. When Joe Fresh challenged me to #RewriteTheRules, I knew that I’d be the perfect candidate for the job since 1. I already LOVE shopping at Joe Fresh and 2. I’m all about mixing things up in my fashion choices. Stripes on stripes are such a natural fit to pair together but I can definitely see how it could feel intimidating to some. One thing to keep in mind when mixing stripes on stripes is the size of the stripes in each piece. It’s best to pair a small stripe (like in these railroad pants) with a bolder stripe on top (as with this blouse). I also like to break up the stripes with something like a neck scarf like this floral pattern option, or a jacket (an army green military jacket would also look great with this outfit). Pairing stripes on stripes together isn’t as difficult as it may seem and I promise you it will look so great on you this spring. Give it a go and #RewriteTheRules for yourself! 

What I’m Wearing: Stripes Top (here) // Striped Pants (here) // Eyelet Sneakers (here) // Floral Scarf (here) // Bag (here) // all c/o Joe Fresh

This post was proudly brought to you by Joe Fresh

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