Ikea Malm End Table DIY

May 20, 2015

1Last summer Jamie and I purchased new white bedroom furniture from Ikea with the intention to DIY it in a timely manner. However, unfortunately I am an extremely indecisive person and every time I thought that I had made up my mind about what I wanted to do to upgrade our furniture, I second guessed myself and waited longer. It wasn’t until I started noticing the marble contact paper trend and Gaby from The Vault Files end table that I became seriously inspired to create something similar. Although I still waited over 7 months to decided fully that this was the end table for us, I am so glad we went with it. The faux marble top and gold handles look so high end and clean, exactly what I had always imagined for our little Ikea end tables. Next all we have to do are the dressers…eek! 

Ps: I didn’t photograph the steps of the process of this DIY as the sun was setting and we had to work quickly (oops!). But all you have to do is measure your holes for the drawer handles, drill them in, and stick the contact paper onto the top. I definitely suggest sticking the contact paper down with someone else and making sure to hold it taut. Carefully place it on the table going from the back to the front pushing down with a credit card as you go. 

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  • Shivi Agarwal

    Where are the marble contact paper and handle hardware from?!

  • lysette137

    What size handles did you use? They look great!

  • Jogie

    I have the same Malm side table and would love to do this! Just wondering how you did the edges? they look so neat and tidy

    • That’s so great you already have it! It’s hard to explain in writing but we cut the top of the paper and then tucked it under to get really smooth edges. I hope that makes sense/helps! Good Luck! 🙂

  • Summer

    where did you get the marble contact paper from ?

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