Hostess Gift Idea: Candle & Strikeable Match Holder

May 26, 2015

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When hosting a dinner party the general host or hostess gift usually consists of a bottle of wine or a case of beer. Although I see nothing wrong with having a multitude of wine and beer to choose from for the next few weeks, it can become a bit blas√© to always receive the same gift time and time again. For a fresh take on the hostess gift, I came up with this simple DIY project consisting of a candle and a little bottle full of matches that they can actually strike off of. I love the that the candle can be lit after dinner, and it shows that you put a that extra bit of effort into making the host/hostess feel appreciated.
What You Will Need:
1. Candle (get mine here)
2. Glass Apothecary Bottles (available at Michaels or the Dollar Store)
3. Matches
4. Sand Paper
5. Gold Sharpie
6. Twine
7. Tissue Paper
8. Box
9. Gift Tag


Step 1: I decorated my glass apothecary bottle with a gold sharpie to match my candle. I made a simple abstract polka dot print.


Step 2: Cut a circle out of the sand paper to the size of the bottom of the glass bottle and secure it with a hot glue gun.


Step 3: Insert the matches into the bottle and add a layer of tissue paper to the bottom of your box. Place the candle and the matches in the box and cover with tissue paper. 


Step 4: Tie some swine and add a pretty gift tag around the box.



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