Highs And Lows + Happy Birthday Jamie!

July 7, 2017

{The sweetest gift from our wedding photographer, Reid. Printed photos of our engagement session.}

I can’t believe that today is Jamie’s 26th birthday, it really does boggle my mind how quickly time flies. Sometimes, it feels as though we’re still two 16 years olds madly in love, living life by the seat of our pants, and then there are other times where it feels as though we’re 80 and our ideal day would be one spent inside reading the news or watching the Food Network and drinking tea. This is the ninth birthday I’ve celebrated with Jamie, and each year I feel luckier than the last that I have such a special person in my life. I’ve had the incredible opportunity to watch him grow from an angsty, sometimes reckless, teenager (wait…or was that me?) into a more caring, more thoughtful,  more level-headed man than he was the day before. Jamie has a heart of gold and is unlike anyone I’ve ever met. Even as I write this, he’s perfecting the paint edges on our powder room because that’s what he does on his birthday. While today is, unfortunately, going to be filled with work as I’m leaving for Halifax again on Sunday for my cousin’s funeral, tonight we’re celebrating with dinner and perhaps even some champagne. My love, if you’re reading this, I hope you have the happiest of birthdays. Thank you for making my heart so full every darn second of the day, I love you!
{An undeniably breathtaking sunset while driving through New Brunswick.}
{These Nova Scotia wines were just too cute to pass up.}
{My first time out on our paddle boards this summer and loving every squinty-eyed minute of it.}
{Have you ever seen cuter flowers? Who knew mini daisies existed!?}

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