Highs and Lows

August 8, 2014

1{The prettiest nail polishes in the loveliest packaging c/o Trust Find Beauty.}

This week has been nothing short of a blessing. From the littlest things like Milo sleeping 16 of the 18 hours during the drive home to much bigger things that I will be telling you later, I can honestly say I know someone is looking out for me. I am so happy to be back in Halifax for the next 3 weeks, hanging out with my family and friends, and going to the beach of course! It is already looking like a great end to the last few weeks of summer! Have a great weekend everyone, see you Monday!

2{A classic Manhattan in The Middle Spoon’s secret bar before the Brugal Rum tasting.}

3{A fun candy bar in DSW colours}

4{Brugal Rum tasting complete with a delicious charcuterie plate.}

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