Easy Easter DIY: Thyme Bunny Ear Cake Topper

March 28, 2018

Just in thyme for Easter (see what I did there), these bunny ear cake toppers take less than 5 minutes to put together but make such a beautiful addition to the easter cake (or cupcakes) that you’re planning to have on your table this weekend. I can’t count how many times I’ve shared different ways to decorate a store-bought cake (evidence here, herehere) because, to put it quite simply, it is my absolute favourite hack when I’m in a time crunch. This cake is from our local Loblaws and all I asked for was a plain white frosted three layer cake. I took the cake home and carefully used a dough scraper to turn the fully frosted cake into a naked cake and made these adorable thyme bunny ears (DIY below) to top the cake, added a few blooms, and that’s it! I’m suuuuper happy with how this little guy turned out and I really hope you can take some inspiration into your Easter celebrations this weekend. Hoppy Easter!

PS: If you have a little more “thyme” to whip up something homemade, might I suggest these carrot cake cupcakes with felt bunny ear toppers?
What You Will Need:
-Floral Wire (I used gold)
-Fresh Thyme
-Wire cutters or scissors
-Flowers (optional)

Step 1: Cut a 7″ piece of floral wire and bend it to create an ear shape (the shape doesn’t have to be perfect as they’ll probably bend while your working and you can fix them later). Wrap one end of the wire around the other and twist until the wire is completely secure at the end. Do not cut as this is the piece that will stick into the cake. 

Step 2: Cut a few small pieces of floral wire, set aside. Grab your first sprig of thyme and roughly place it where you think it fits best on the ear. Secure the thyme to the ear by grabbing a small piece of wire and wrapping it tightly around the thyme and ear. It’s easiest to start from the bottom and work your way up. I used 3 pieces of wire on each side of my ears. Secure the thyme together at the top of the ear and repeat steps to make the second bunny ear.

Step 3: Shape your bunny ears gently until you’re happy with how they look and place them into the cake.

Step 4: Add a few fresh flowers for extra pretty Easter impact!

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