My Best Tips for Selling Second-Hand

June 28, 2018

We moved from Halifax to Toronto for college almost 8 years ago now. Naturally, our first place of residence in Ontario was just that, residence.  Jamie and I lived in separate dorm rooms where we each had our own furniture, bedding etc., that suited our styles at the time. After our first year in residence, Jamie and I decided to rent a condo together which is where we purchased our first couch (a massive microfibre sectional that has since been sold on Kijiji) and a rustic coffee table (see photos throughout) that I am still fond of but find too big for our space.

The aforementioned coffee table has been sitting in our garage for almost 2 years now and I’ve been struggling with whether or not to sell it. However, with Jamie and I getting married, one of my sisters graduating university and the other with only one year of university left, we’ve been talking about moving A LOT lately.

I’ve realized in recent weeks that we have sooo much stuff that isn’t serving our lives in any way and is simply creating unnecessary clutter. While I do have an attachment to a lot of the pieces, I’ve realized that the chances of me ever wanting to use them later in our lives are slim to none. This is why I’ve turned to Kijiji yet again to sell some of our things, to clothing and accessories.

I recently learned from Kijiji’s 2018 Second-Hand Economy Index Report, Canadians earned an average of $1,134 from selling items they no longer needed, while buyers saved an average of $825 when buying used over new in 2017.That money equals value and will most definitely come in handy for moving expenses or adding a few new items to our home.

I’ve utilized Kijiji for years when I’m looking to sell no longer wanted/needed items such as our couch. It was only natural that I’d look to the platform once again to post a few ads. As a frequent user of the second-economy,  I’ve probably earned around $1000 to-date from selling on Kijiji alone. I like that selling my  no longer needed items will make space for other things I’ll need in my new space, and . I’ve found a ton of ways to sell my items efficiently, and I wanted to share my tips with you today. Keep reading for my 9 best tips for selling second-hand, afterall. I’ve found a ton of ways to sell my items efficiently, and I wanted to share my tips with you today. Keep reading for my 9 best tips for selling second-hand, particularly helpful for those looking to put up their items for sale who are planning a move! 1.Come Up with A Crafty Title: Just like any story or news article you read, a well-crafted title will drive the buyers eye to your item. Be sure to keep your title simple but fill it with information the buyer can use at a quick glance. Use clear language, highlight the best aspects of the item and use keywords that you’d except buyers to be searching for. If your items price is a good selling point, be sure to include that in the title as well.

2.Provide a Detailed Description: When you’re searching Kijiji, what do you like to see in a description? Lots of details, right? Be sure to include all details about the product or service that the buyer might have questions about. Technical specifications, measurements, condition of the item, age, upgrades or repair information are all important details that a buyer will be looking for.{Wicker ottoman available for sale here}

3. Take GREAT Photos: After a great title and description, the next thing potential buyers will be looking at are your photos. Nothing sells an item like a great visual that really showcases what a special find it is. A few of my photography tips including using as high of a quality camera that you have (Smartphones take great photos too!), shoot any and all angles of the product, photograph any imperfections and shoot the photo in natural light If possible.

4. Stage the Items Your Selling: Just like taking great photos of your items is key, so is staging your items for the photos. Staging simply means stylishly showcasing how the item could potentially look in the buyer’s space…especially when the item is furniture. I staged a lot of these photos to showcase how beautiful this coffee table and ottoman I’m selling are. I used flowers and books to stage the coffee table and also removed any clutter around the area to really let the items shine.5. Be Responsive and Attentive to Inquiries: Being quick to reply and attentive to all of your incoming inquires increases the likelihood of a quick, successful sale. For efficient communication be sure to use the “My Messages” feature on Kijiji to communicate with potential buyers in real time.

6. Set a Fair Price: The best way to check if you’re selling your items for a fair price is to investigate similar items on the market you’re selling in. Check the category and area you will be posting in for similar items and price accordingly. If you want a quick sale, you also might want to price you’re item a bit lower. If you want to price your item higher than the competition, think about what sets it apart and be sure to include that in your catchy title and detailed description.7. Be Open to Negotiation: Especially if you’re selling your items for a higher price point. I like to set my price and at the bottom of my ad write “OBO” which in Kijiji language means, “or best offer”. This way, buyers know what the price of the item is but also know I’m open to negotiating.{Wood coffee table available for sale here}

8. If selling clothes, Make Them as Presentable as Possible: While I’m only selling a couple of purses (see here & here) right now, when I do sell clothes on Kijiji I like to make them look as pretty as possible. I always photograph clothes on a clean, neutral background, hang them on a hanger and steam them to take care of wrinkles. When an item sells, the clothing is always clean and I also like to go an extra step by giving the garment a little spritz of linen spray for an added touch. Did you know more than 230 million items of clothing, shoes and accessories were acquired in the second-hand economy in 2017?! There’s plenty for everyone!9. Promote Your Ad: For you sellers looking to find a buyer fast, there are a variety of ad features on Kijiji that provide optimal exposure for your ad like bump ups, top ads, highlight features and more! One of these options might be the way to go if you want to step up your visibility, sell something quickly or are selling a more expensive item.
Coffee Table // Gold Wall Sconce // Hammered Gold Vase // Keurig Coffee Maker // Rachel Zoe Tote // Rebecca Minkoff Purse // Wicker Storage Box // 

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