Highs And Lows

June 29, 2018

{Matching my surroundings at the Grey Goose summer market.}

A few weeks ago I felt like I was right on track with all things on the wedding train. However, in the last week or so, I’ve been on a bit of a wedding hiatus. To be honest, it’s giving me a bit of anxiety as I’m always of the mindset that I need to be doing something, but I do also recognize that there are weeks in between planning a wedding where there isn’t much to do. While I do owe a few e-mails that I really just need to crack down on and send, I think what I really needed is to just get off my chest that I’ve felt a little anxious and simply let.it.go. On another note, this week, I started up with a personal trainer for the month of July. I wish I could train with her longer but we’re headed back to Halifax in August. Regardless, I’m so grateful to be working with her and hopefully, toning up some more before our big day. This weekend is probably going to end up being a mixture of work, errands/chores and leisure as it is the long weekend after all. That also means I’ll be seeing you Tuesday…have a wonderful weekend!
{Forever securing himself into the comfiest positions at the expense of my throw pillows.}
{Boozy popsicle cheers with friends.}
{The most Instagrammable flower arrangement from my friends at Wild North Flowers.}
{Ice cream in my hand and my favourite person by my side does a good day make.}

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