5 Flowers to Give For Valentine’s Day That Aren’t Roses

February 1, 2017

Flowers are probably my most favourite gift to receive at all times of the year, but there’s something to be said about receiving a beautiful bundle of blooms on Valentine’s Day. Now, before you think that I’m opposed to receiving roses on Valentine’s Day, I want to clarify that that is absolutely not the case. Roses are stunning flowers, especially when they’re of the garden variety, and I’d be happy to receive some pretty red or blush roses alone or in an arrangement this V-Day. However, I thought that because when most of us think of Valentine’s Day flowers, we tend to think of the classic rose that it would be fun to share some unexpected albeit beautiful blooms that would work just as well this holiday. I enlisted the help of my lovely friend Becky who owns Blush and Bloom here in Toronto to help me out with picking (pun intended) out some gorgeous Valentine’s Day appropriate blooms. Becky’s picks are below followed by her answers as to why they work for the day of amore. 

PS: I made this Valentines Day inspired arrangement after receiving Becky’s wonderful suggestions of what flowers I should use. For tips on how to make a garden inspired floral arrangement be sure to check out this post that Becky and I collaborated on a couple of months ago. Remember to start with your greenery, group flowers of the same variety together and be mindful of how you are placing the stems i.e. on different planes, trim stems at different heights, etc.  
Ranunculus: Why buy a rose when you could have ranunculus (I completely agree, Becky!)? They are so much more beautiful this time of year, and some are even grown locally here in Ontario which is even more amazing. Delicate papery rings with layers upon layers of tissue like petals make ranunculus an obvious choice. They last sometimes up to two weeks, and have a beautiful shaped stem to be used as a delicate dancing flower with a design. They steal my heart!Tulips: The most seasonal flower of Winter! Tulips are affordable and gorgeous, and look pretty on their own or paired with other bulbs and florals. They come in a variety of colors and types ( frilly, parrot, french, doubles, etc) to keep things interesting and unique. They are long lasting and they love the cold! Tulips help us get through the winter on our way to Spring. most of the tulips we see in markets are Ontario grown!

Hyacinth: Another beautiful winter/Spring bulb, with a beautiful fragrance. Hyacinth start out looking like tiny asparagus, but when they open and fill the room with their stunning perfume I just LOVE them! In a vase all on their own, or mixed with other beautiful selections, I will always opt for hyacinth in my Valentine’s day designs.
Anemone: Delicate papery petals with a dark and cheerful polk dot centre?! Please! These interesting blooms last long in a vase, and compliment any arrangement with their unique look. They also have a unique shape, and always get noticed. I love using them in vibrant reds and pinks for the Valentine’s Day season.  
Waxflower: While we wouldn’t suggest giving solely waxflowers as a Valentine’s Day gift, this simple and pretty smelling filler is sure compliment any pretty design!

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