Our Trip To Woodstock Vermont

October 31, 2018

As soon as arrived just shy of Woodstock I started getting the feeling that we were in for a treat. The drive into Vermont was incredible, I’ve honestly never seen fall foliage quite so mesmerizing and driving over Quechee Gorge(about 20 minutes from Woodstock) I was blown away by the scenic views that Vermont was lending us. Once we arrived in Woodstock I was completely taken by the charm of this quaint town. Woodstock in the fall looks like it is straight out of any fall movie. The tree lined streets, porches covered in pumpkins, local bakeries and butcheries and completely lovely people. While we only spent two days in Woodstock, it is certainly a place that stole both mine and Jamies heart and I’m sure that we’ll be back again.
Sleepy Hollow Farm was number 1 on my list to visit because the view looked so incredible. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that you couldn’t actually visit this farm as it is private property. Nonetheless, there were SO many people behind the property line taking photos and painting this stunning scenic view. 
I desperately wanted to take a jam making class simply because Olivia from the show Scandal always talked about moving to Vermont and making Jam, silly I know. However, the holiday jam making class at Blake Hill Preserves didn’t begin until the following week…my jam making in Vermont dreams will just have to wait! However, if you find yourself near Windsor Vermont (a short drive outside of Woodstock) I highly recommend picking up a few jams and spreads at Blake Hill Preserves. Every jam I tried was delicious and the apple butter is on another level!
You can’t visit Woodstock without visiting Farmhouse Pottery. I’ve followed Farmhouse Pottery on Instagram for YEARS but for some reason, I’d never made the Vermont connection. Luckily, we found ourselves looking at brochures at the Quechee Gorge and I spotted a Farmhouse Pottery pamphlet. I basically ran to the car to drive there before they closed, haha! The shop itself is worth the visit. It’s curated beautifully and the farmhouse design makes my heart skip a beat. I was finally able to pick up the Farmhouse Pottery match striker that I’d wanted for years along with the cutest stuffed dog (that looks just like Milo) for our baby. 
{The aforementioned Quechee Gorge.}
An evening stroll through the town of Woodstock. There are so many stunning old homes to walk around and view. Jamie and I were seriously in our happy place just walking down the street, admiring the homes talking about what we liked and what we’d change. We’re basically an old married couple so this is something we could do all day, hah!
For our first night in Woodstock, we stayed at The Woodstock Inn. I would have liked to stay both of the nights we were in Woodstock, but unfortunately, I booked the hotel a little late into the busy season and they only had 1 night available (psst. the entirety of Vermont is PACKED in the fall so be sure to book everything well in advance). As you can see, the grounds of the Woodstock Inn are impeccable. Jamie and I spent a nice amount of time in the evening sitting on the lawn chairs chatting while he enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine (poor me). 
Our room at the Woodstock Inn complete with wine, chocolates and macarons welcoming us for our honeymoon (such a sweet surprise). I booked us a spa room as it had a huge jacuzzi tub that I couldn’t resist. Let me tell you, my pregnant body was SOOOO happy to relax in that tub after driving from Boston to Vermont and then walking around all day.
{Scenic views everywhere you turn in Vermont.}}
For breakfast in Woodstock, we thoroughly enjoyed Mon Vert Cafe. Jamie had the biscuits and gravy and I enjoyed the West Coaster Egg Sandwich with a side of home fries. Mon Vert serves up some of their selections in Farmhouse Pottery which I found to be such a nice, local touch. If you find yourself in Woodstock, I highly recommend dining at Mon Vert.

As for other places we dined, on our first night we decided to stay in at The Woodstock Inn and dine at The Red Rooster. To be honest, for the price of the menu, I wasn’t overly impressed with food or the service, so i’d say skip it. We also dined at Simon Pearce for lunch where we met up with my blogger friend, Jillian and her husband, Edwin. I had the butternut squash soup* and a brussel sprout salad and both were delicious and the view there is stunning.

I reeeeally wanted to dine at Mangalitsa, but we didn’t know it was reservation and seating times only. I’ve heard amazing things about this restaurant so I’m comfortable recommending it if you’re planning a visit. 

Finally, for our last night in Woodstock we dined at the Kedron Valley Inn where we were staying. They have the most delicious wood fired pizza and the atmosphere there is so cozy. I highly recommend.

I actually ate butternut squash soup before every meal and while each were different, I couldn’t decide what one I loved the most. If you’re in Vermont in the fall…eat ALL of the butternut squash soup you can!
{Fall in Woodstock, VT.}
Even in the fog, Woodstock was eerily beautiful.

So many people go all out in decorating their front porches around the town of Woodstock but nothing compared to this pumpkin filled house, which actually has its own instagram and hashtag. 
For our last night in Woodstock, we stayed at the Kedron Valley Inn. While it wasn’t as nice as the Woodstock Inn room wise, it lended a cozy atmosphere and history. I loved the design of lobby and the restaurant and the people who worked there are just so lovely. 
We stopped over to Billings Farm and Museum for a quick tour of the property and of course, a maple sundae.  
Finally, Sugarbush farms is definitely one to stop over to. There are farm animals, a scenic walk and a great tour about how maple syrup is made. After our tour and walk we enjoyed lots of free cheese and maple syrup samples which were very yummy!

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