On Head and Hair Accessories

September 9, 2013

1I love the idea of wearing hair accessories. I always purchase headbands with the intention of making them my new signature, wide brimmed hats to make me look more mysterious, and toques to give me an effortlessly street-chic appearance. You get the picture. The truth is, I always end up feeling uncomfortable in hats or hair accessories. I fidget with them and I definitely do not look like how I imagine myself looking. Anyway, the other day I was in Urban Outfitters and I saw this turban. I became obsessed with the idea that I would look like Rachel Zoe in it. Perhaps that is a far stretch but I do love the fact that it can cover up a bad hair day and keep my ears warm in the fall at the same time!
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What I’m Wearing: Turban; Urban Outfitters // Shirt; Zara // Shorts; Zara // Heels; Zara // Bracelets; Tiffany & co., The Black Market // Clutch; French Connection

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