Highs and Lows

September 6, 2013

{I got to relive one of my childhood movie favourites at the Tiff Bell Lightbox on the weekend. It was the most amazing experience ever! “Goonies never say die!”}

In a nutshell this week has been all about getting into the routine of being back in Toronto. On Monday, I am starting school part time at a new University and I am super excited for what lies ahead. For the past week I’ve been focusing on the final touches of the new place and learning the new neighbourhood. The one definite positive of living here are all of the great new places to take pictures! This weekend, I will be hunting down the last few things I want to get for our place, prepping for school and spending time hanging out with my family like always. Have a great weekend everyone!


{I had been on the hunt for a jar to hold all of my makeup brushes,  I finally found it  for $4 at Winners Home Sense!}

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