October Beauty Favourites

November 2, 2016

Some months I find it challenging to source new beauty products that I am loving because I am a creature of habit, and when I find something that works for me I rarely let it go.

I also don’t consider myself a professional when it comes to beauty and most of my favourite beauty products have become so either by recommendation or by chance…not because they are the latest and greatest. However, I think that is why this series is fun for me. I get to challenge myself to try new products and when I do find something I really love I get to share it here with you! So without further ado, here’s what I loved in beauty this October. 
Province Apothecary Full Brow Serum: Ever since shaving my “uni-brow” back in Jr. High I have been lusting after perfect, full brows akin to Cara Delevingine. Unfortunately my brows have a natural wire feel to them so that soft, fluffy, full brow look is difficult to achieve.  The full brow serum from Province Apothecary has been a dream for my brows in the last month. It’s helped soften, strengthen and even darken my brows to what I’m assuming is the most super model-esque brow status I’m ever going to acheive. This oil based serum packed full of active, natural botanicals and is a nightly ritual that I now cant live without. I love massaging a few drops of this serum onto my brows after cleansing to achieve the full (pun intended) results.
Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Foundation Primer: I recently attended a lunch with Smashbox wherein I was gifted this hydrating primer and I am sooo happy I was. I’d been using the original Smashbox Photo Finish Primer up until this and now I am a complete convert. Because I have oily skin I like a primer that promises to soak up excess oil but I also find that my skin is left feeling parched and patchy when all of my oils are dissipated. Because this hydrating primer is oil free and gets it moister from dessert plants I knew that it would be worth trying. This primer works magic on my skin making sure my makeup goes on smoothly. My skin is always left feeling quenched, primed and ready for foundation.
Moroccan Oil Dry Texture Spray: When I got bangs I knew I wanted my styled hair to have that undone, tousled vibe. I didn’t want my hair to be too shiny or too ‘done’ and I wanted the texture to feel almost gritty. My hairstylist suggested that I purchase the Batiste xxl dry shampoo which I did and love for added volume at my root but I also stumbled on the Moroccan Oil Dry Texture Spray and became obsessed. In replacement of hairspray I use this spray after my hair is styled to give me that perfectly undone look. Jamie even uses this for his hair instead of a pomade which I find funny because now we’re fighting over this amazing spray. 
Tata Harper Illuminating Eye Crème: Dewy, illuminated skin is my absolute favourite beauty look and anything that promises to do so is a must-try in my books. Tata Harper, a brand I whole heartedly love recently sent over this illuminating eye crème and I have used it every day that I wear makeup since its arrival. This eye cream states that you can use it over or under makeup for touch of luminescence but I prefer to wear it over as a highlighter under my eyes on my eyelids and temples. This eye cream is formulated with diamond dust and plumps and reduces the look of fine line and wrinkles which is an added bonus. The price point of this eye crème is steep but I use smaller than a pea size amount for each use which means it will last me forever. 

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