Monthly Motivation: 3 Ways to Pay Respect all Year Round’

November 1, 2016

The latest instalment from Blare June:

Now that Halloween is officially over, I find myself daydreaming about Christmas parties, holiday dresses and the anticipated yearly release of the holiday drinks at Starbucks. Although one of the most awaited holidays is just around the corner, it is important that we remain present and mindful of those who fought for our freedom. Each year on November 11th , Canadians pay their respect to the members of the armed forces who fought for the lives we live today. Although I think it is respectful that we devote a day to this important memorial, remembering the bravery of those before us should be something we do on the daily. I get it….life is busy! If you are anything like me, then remembering what day of the week it is challenging enough, let alone reminiscing our country’s rich history.

Below are 3 simple ways you can remain mindful of those who fought for the lives all year round.

History Buff:
As much as I like to think I am a history buff, this couldn’t be further from the truth. That being said, I know when I don’t know something and I know when I do. A great way to be mindful of those who fought for our freedom is to read about what they actually did. Borrow a history book from your local library, google Word War I and II and see where the links take you or order a book from Amazon. The more we understand the bravery others displayed, the more likely we will be mindful and thankful for their selfless actions. If reading isn’t something you enjoy, another idea is to host a movie night. I suggest inviting a group of people with a wide range of interests (a few with an interest in history is a must), watch a war movie (Private Ryan is my favourite) and let the discussions play out!

Poppy Red
As a result of the poem “In Flanders Field,” the poppy became the official emblem of Remembrance Day. Although we should all be wearing poppies leading up to November 11th , we can still incorporate the poppy all year long. For me, when Remembrance Day is over I like to take my poppy off my coat and stick it onto my cars flip down mirror. This way when I look up I am reminded of those who fought for us on the front line.

In addition to reading history and incorporating the poppy hue all year round, another great way to remain mindful is to spend time with those who we are paying our respects to. Volunteering at a veteran’s hospital is a great way to not only pay your respect but a great opportunity to learn. It is true, the older we get the wiser we are. Spending a few hours a week with a veteran will not only enlighten your outlook on life, it will also leave you feeling thankful for those who came before us!

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