Homemade Granola And Yogurt Parfaits

January 7, 2015

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We are headed back to Toronto today and with that comes a sense of both mournfulness and ease. Obviously, I will miss seeing my family every day, but I am a creature of habit and love having a routine set in place and a home to call my own. Eating breakfast is no exception to those traits. When I am in Toronto, my breakfast usually consists of either a smoothie, or greek yogurt, berries and granola. Because I was on “vacation”, I had been indulging in one to many bowls of fruit loops and Queen Annes for breakfast, so last week I tried my hand at making homemade granola using this recipe. The end result was packed full of flavour and crunch that was both salty and sweet and so much better than the store bought option I had been previously using.






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