Holiday Hair

December 23, 2015

It’s officially the day before Christmas Eve and I am officially the least prepared I have ever been this close to Christmas. Though I’m sure everything will come together last-minute as it always seems to do, I truly hate that uneasy feeling of unpreparedness in the pit of my belly. On a side note, I am LOVING the idea of statement making hair accessories for Christmas and New Years Eve this year. It’s an unexpected way to glam up your entire outfit and so many of the hair accessories this season are pieces of art in and of themselves. For the look above I actually just wrapped an old necklace I had stuffed in the back of my drawer into a messy bun around my hair and pinned it in with bobby pins. There are so many great options and ways to add some sparkle into your hair this season, and I’ve rounded up some favorites below. Happy sparkling!
1. Coral Stick
2. Crown Jewels
3. Leaf Clip
4. Floral Barrett
5. Statement maker
6. Firework Inspired
7. Gatsby Glam
8. Variety Pack
9. North Star
10. Glam Clips
11. Feather Clip
12. Sleek Copper Barrett
13. Classic Headband

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