Highs And Lows

March 13, 2015

1{Morning light + Fresh tulips mean spring is on its way!}

Tuesday morning I woke up extremely easily because it was the day that my Marilyn Denis Show segment was airing and I was SO anxious to watch it. Watching myself on TV, especially that particular show, can only be described as surreal since I had always imagined myself on it. It’s so weird how life’s ups and downs and twists and turns have gotten me to where I am today, and on TV for that matter.  I truly believe in intending things for myself, because thus far all of the good things I have put out into the universe have happened. I hope everyone has a great weekend, and might I suggest putting some positive energy out there for yourself, because you just never know!

2{What is hopefully the last of the ice melting off the beaches}

3{My East Coat meets Toronto inspired DIY bedroom for my Marilyn Denis Show segment}

4{My skin has been extremely temperamental lately, and this Konjac sponge has been a life saviour so far.}

5{Loving the Makeup Forever spring lipstick in #54. I have been wearing it under Revlon’s Elusive Matte Balm for what I think is the perfect pink shade.}

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