Highs and Lows

April 11, 2014

_MG_1007{Fresh tulips for my TV stand makeover}

Yesterday I had my last (hopefully) appointment regarding my current broken foot situation. After seeing my X-Ray this time around it was clear that my foot finally looked like it was healing. I was correct, and the doctor told me everything is healing perfectly and that I won’t need physiotherapy (thanking my lucky stars)! The only bummer is that he said I may have a limp for the next 4 weeks and that high heels are still out of the question. However, my new plan is to wear high heels strictly for outfit posts because I am really missing that element lately in my photos! Have a great weekend everyone, see you Monday!

_MG_1497 {Perfect cocktail and lighting to go along with the Great Gatsby theme of Elan + Castor’s fall 2014 presentation}

_MG_1530 {So many beautiful leopard shoes and bags at the Nine West preview}

_MG_1537 {Can’t wait to use these shades of blue on an upcoming DIY project!}

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