Highs and Lows: Christmas Edition

December 27, 2013

{A fireplace sugar cookie, one of the many cookies we received from my cousins in Toronto.}

I can’t believe Christmas is over and that another holiday season is coming to a close. After a very long past couple of weeks I am glad to say that I am writing this post snuggled up on the couch in my new flannel PJ’s, relaxing while it snows outside. All I have wanted to do these last few days is take a breather, and finally in between all the festive fun, I have a couple of hours all to myself. But before I take a nap, I wanted to share with you a few snaps from this past week. From a Saturday spent at the market to the presents under our tree, here is a little of what my Christmas looked like. Have a Great weekend everyone, I’ll be back on Monday!

{Presents in fun prints underneath the Christmas tree.}

{Bubbly gold dessert plates from Santa Clause.}

{An early Saturday morning spent at the Seaport Market.}

{Classic Christmas Crackers at the first of my three family dinners.}

{Boxing day party sweets.}

{The last of the Holiday Wreaths outside the Seaport Market.}

{A very special present from my sister; a stag head painted by her.}

{Goat cheese appetizers on Christmas Eve.}

{Gold bokeh outside a very decorated lawn.}

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