Highs And Lows

July 13, 2018

{Spotted: Nantucket roses in abundance.}

I arrived back in Toronto yesterday evening after what felt like a whirlwind trip with my blogger gal pal, Blare June. We both had so much fun on Nantucket that I’m only now just realizing how much we accomplished in just 3 days and how tired I actually am. Luckily though, I was able to have a little sleep-in this morning and my day is off to a pretty slow start. Aside from some computer work and a lot of Nantucket photo editing for a guide we’re putting together next week, I’m taking it easy this weekend and spending time with Jamie’s family as his brother gets married this Sunday. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, see you Monday!
{Late night ice cream stop at Bang-Bang for Jamies birthday.}
{A quick stop at the beach after biking around Nantucket. Shop my bikini top here and bottom here.}
{The cutest seating area outside a beach house in Nantucket.}
{Sailing into the most beautiful sunset on our last night.}

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