Highs and Lows

November 1, 2013

{My first time getting an illustration of my outfit, She did an amazing job! Ps; I wasn’t wearing the jacket when I was posing.}

Ever since fashion week I have been scrambling to try to get the recaps up on my blog. And so this week was full of time spent on the couch, cutting out backgrounds of models walking down the runway, and eating Halloween chocolate. Although it is nice to spend time at home, I started becoming groggy and sluggish (too much sitting is really bad for my mood!). This weekend however, started off wonderfully with a belated anniversary dinner at Moroco Chocolate and is ending with a trip to Niagara and the casinos to celebrate my sisters’ 19th birthdays! You can also see here how we celebrated on Monday evening. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

{The Flare World Runway Tour had so many cool (and free) stations set up. I opted for getting my make-up done. Hard to see here but I went with a bright, bold orange lip and subtle eyes.-Thanks Solmaz!}

{Halloween cards from my mom and aunt to go along with these cute trick or treat pillows!}

{If you saw my tweet earlier this week, you would have seen that I was over joyed to finally find the perfect pair of tartan pants! In the men’s section of Joe Fresh no less!}

{Roasting s’mores on a mini Bunsen burner for dessert at Moroco Chocolat.}

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