Highs And Lows

February 5, 2016

{A stunning mid-week gift from my friends at Sweet Woodruff.}

Having a week that feels like the perfect balance between work and play is not always the case but this week it felt like my work life intersected seamlessly with my social life to create what I consider to be an exceptional last five days. I checked out a few spring previews, enjoyed a couple delicious dinners out with friends,  kept up with my fitness routine, and also had an incredible opportunity to hang out in the Sweet Woodruff studio which I will share more of next week. I hope you have a great weekend, see you Monday. 2
{Previewing the Sephora Spring 2016 collection…so many goodies coming!}
{“I must have flowers always and always”-Claude Monet.}
{The cutest straw boater hat…surprisingly from Dynamite.}
{Red lip sugar cookie, very Valentine’s Day appropriate.}

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