Highs and Lows

January 31, 2014

{Ombre heart decorating candy from Michaels for an upcoming baking project.}

In all honestly this week has been extremely slow and extremely challenging. Like I had mentioned on Monday, I broke my foot in a freak, spur of the moment dancing accident, completely random. I wish I could tell you that I fell on ice or something because the way it happened is so embarrassing. Anyway, my sisters and boyfriend have been helping me out so much all week, bringing me my breakfasts and dinners, cleaning and helping me out with my blog, they are life saviours. The true highlights of my week are just getting out of the house for a quick trip to Micheals where I purchased supplies for a special DIY project next week that I am so excited about! And today a friend is coming over to visit which I am so thankful for. This weekend we are going to be having a small Super Bowl party and I am most definitely not going to be trying any funny dancing. Have a great weekend everyone!

{The best get well cookies from my cousin delivered right to my door.}

{A pretty pink Valentines Day inspired mani.}

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