Family Football

November 2, 2021

With an active toddler and a stir-crazy mama, this fall we’ve been getting outside every chance we get! Fall is one of my favorite times for outdoor activities. The weather is crisp and running around and crunching in the leaves is at the top of my favorite sensory experiences for myself and the kids. We recently took a trip to The Dingle for a fun game of football, aka throw and kick the ball into the air while Edwin runs after it, haha! We also went on a nice long walk so we could crunch in the leaves and took Edwin over to the playground with my sis. We were wearing our new Primaloft jackets from Joe Fresh ( they kindly gifted these jackets and sponsored my latest IG post) and we loved how easy they were to move around in and also how warm they kept us all! One of the best parts is that they easily pack into the diaper bag so if we get warm, we can put them into our bag without taking up a ton of room! What’s your favourite way to spend a fall day?

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