Edwin’s Toddler Room Reveal

June 9, 2022

You have no idea how good it feels to finally be able to share Edwin’s toddler room today! This bedroom has quite literally been over 2 years in the making because life just kept happening and the room kept being pushed back. We finally got our butts into gear a couple of months ago, and Jamie worked day in and day out to finish up this project. The main reason the room took so long was that Jamie had originally gutted it back when I was pregnant with Eller. He tore all of the walls down because the room actually had no proper insulation so he had to start from scratch. After we had Eller things took a turn, and we just had no time or energy to get going again. So here we are! Anyway, it’s completed now and I couldn’t love it more. Eller has transitioned into the nursery beautifully, and while Edwin is still struggling with moving into this room, he does love all of the little details that it includes!

We were so lucky to work with some amazing brands to bring this room together. Like Minted, who supplied us with the wall mural and the art, South Shore Furniture, who supplied the furniture, and a few other incredible brands that I mention in detail below. 

This room is inspired by coastal/surf- vibes and it aims to be both playful and calm. It has many pieces that will easily grow with Edwin as he gets older. The room was a bit of a challenge to put together as it is awkwardly shaped, but I really think that in the end, it turned out beautifully! I now LOVE coming into this room during Edwin’s nap time or story time and at the end of the day when I’m tucking him into bed. It just feels SOOOO good to finally have both of our boys in rooms that suit their needs and I can’t wait to see how Edwin utilizes this space as he gets older. 
How cool is this custom neon sign from Neon 87!? I really wanted something fun to go above Edwin’s bed, but I was at a loss for what do to. I was actually just going to leave it blank until I came up with something, but then Neon 87 reached out to me and I knew it was a sign (literally). After thinking of a few phrase/word options I landed on “good vibes crew” from a t-shirt that both of the boys have. I just love the fun, the upbeat meaning of it, and how it will grow with him. Is there really anything more fun than having a neon sign in your bedroom? I think not! 
When sourcing pieces for this room, I wanted to find items that would work for his age now (3) and grow with him for years to come. This dresser is from South Shore Furniture and was just that. It fit the coastal/surf-inspired vibe of the bedroom with its washed light oak color + white details, and l  the design feels appropriate for a toddler and will grow with him. It has a ton of room for all his clothes which is amazing because we still have to tackle the closet (it’s storing extra books for now, haha!).  
The rug is actually our living room rug (we’re now on the hunt for one of those, haha!). I had originally ordered another rug for his room but once it arrived I realized I much preferred this Navi rug from Structube so I stuck with it. I gave Edwin the option of which rug he liked better and he said this one too! 
My main goal for this room was that I wanted it to feel young and fresh but also very calming and peaceful. Edwin is a busy little guy and I wanted his room to both reflect his playful personality but still feel clean and grounded…a place he can really relax in. I achieved the playfulness through the wall mural, the art prints (from minted), and the small decor items but I kept everything to a minimum so as to not over style and clutter the room. The room is also pretty tiny so adding too much just started to make it feel crowded and messy.
This is Edwin’s little reading or quiet time corner (not that he ever takes quiet time, haha!). I’m debating on adding a circular rug here to make it more of a vignette but otherwise, I think this area is so cute. The little rattan chair was a Home Sense find, the Uke was my sister’s, and the basket we already had (I’m thinking It’ll be used for dirty laundry). I added the crinkle blanket from Pokoloko to the chair for some added texture and depth and the Van art print from Minted adds a pop of color and matches the Lego van on his bookshelf. 
This little corner of Edwin’s dresser includes a few special items like a vase full of sea glass my sister gifted Edwin for his third birthday and a polaroid of Edwin, Jamie, and I on the day he was born. 
I just love this headboard from South Shore furniture, there is a hidden compartment behind the sliding door where you can store books or anything you like. There’s also the open shelving that is so sweet. I styled it pretty simple so that Edwin wouldn’t get distracted by toys during his bedtime routine, but I love that we can put his water there for him to have during the night. I’m so excited to see what he will put into his shelves when he’s older, depending on what he’s interested in.

This room feels so light and calming. The wooden beams are original to the house and are 100 years old. Jamie found them when he was knocking out the walls. Instead of putting the walls back up in that area of the room, he thought it would be cool to keep the beams as a feature and turn the inside of the wall into a shelving unit. I LOVE how it turned out and it gave us extra space in the room that we wouldn’t have had otherwise. I’m thinking of adding a circular rug underneath the chair so sort of sections of the room but I haven’t made a final decision on that yet…would love any input! 
This frame is a little DIY I did quickly one afternoon. I just spray-painted a small frame from value village white and hot glued a piece of sea glass we found last summer onto a white foam board. You cant see from the photo that the sea glass has an “E” etched into it. It which was such an incredible find from our day of sea glassing last summer. 
I can’t get enough of the neutral striped linen bedding from Magic linen. Not only does it add the prettiest texture and unexpected print to the room but it is SO soft and cozy. I actually don’t mind dozing off in Edwin’s bed now. Especially because he also has the comfiest  Bloom Cloud Mattress by Sleep Country Canada.

The bed is also from South Shore Furniture’s Munich collection. It’s a twin-size bed so it will fit him for quite a while (hopefully because I’m unsure how a larger bed will fit into this room, haha!) and I just love it. It has drawers in the bottom which is incredible because with kids you always need more space, am I right!? 
How cute is the VW Lego camper!? Jamie has gotten really into Lego this year and he made this piece for Edwin’s room. I think it is so special and thoughtful. We just have to be extra careful with it because it comes apart easily, haha! Let’s just say Lego + babies do not mix well.
This plant stand is from Wal Mart. I found it in the store for under $20 and I loved that it matched the furniture perfectly. Edwin picked out his little plant from Ikea. I think it needs a name…any suggestions!? 
A huge thank you to all of our sponsors, we couldn’t have put this room together without you!
Custom Neon Sign*
Wall Mural*
Sun Sea Surf Art Print*
Wave Art Print*
Van Art Print*
Wooden Crates
Chair (similar)
Linen Bedding*
Crinkle Blanket*
Light Fixture
Lego Volkswagen Camper Van
Octopus Stuffy

Minted // South Shore Furniture // Sleep Country Canada // Neon 87 // Magic Linen


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