Infusing Easter

March 22, 2016

{A rustic clay pot, baby’s breath and a sweet ceramic bunny (that’s actually a spoon) hanging from the pot adds an unexpected Easter touch. }

Decorating for every holiday is something that has been engrained in me since I was a child. Both my mother and grandmother would without fail decorate their homes to the brim for each holiday season. My grandma, although her decorating has slowed down a bit in the last few years, is without a doubt the queen of this…she would decorate for holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, New Years Eve, and even our birthdays and graduations. If there was a special occasion she would decorate for it! It’s something that I will always remember my grandma for and what I will always think of when I decorate my own house for my children some day. When it comes to Easter decorating, I like to think of it as a way to brighten up the house for spring without getting to literal. You won’t see any colourful Easter bunnies and baskets here but I do think that infusing Easter in a rustic and light hearted way really sets the tone for the holiday. Here are a few ways I’ve been adding bits of Easter into our home. how_to_decorate_for_easter_2
{Blown out brown eggs are really beautiful in and of themselves but add some baby’s breath in a bowl to elevate the look.}
{Most Easter chocolate is for children but these mini Peter Rabbit bars are pretty enough to display and eat! (Williams Sonoma in store).}
{Adding a basket filled with a pile of fresh eucalyptus not only looks beautiful but smells amazing. This Peter Rabbit tea towel hanging from the basket is also an effortless way to add an Easter touch.}
{Fresh flowers are an easy way to infuse Easter and spring in general into your home. These in particular are garden roses, small blush roses and eucalyptus.}
{A rustic tray + a ceramic bunny (similar) that can hold anything from Easter chocolate to a pretty little succulent.}

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