Edwin’s 3rd Birthday Party: Rainbow Construction

March 10, 2022

When my now 3 year old made it very clear that he wanted a “rainbow construction” birthday party, I’ll admit I was a bit confused. “How the heck do I pull off mixing rainbows and construction together?” I thought to myself. Luckily about 2 weeks shy of Edwin’s 3rd birthday, I began scouring the Internet for ideas and came across the CUTEST party decor and inspiration from Meri Meri. Admittedly, there is a lot of copying and pasting that happened here, so I give credit where credit is due. But, I am just SO happy that this party came together in the cutest way possible. I have never been into construction play when it comes to digging in the dirt, but this party was something I could definitely get behind.

One of the main features of the party decor is the cardboard buildings. As soon as I saw them on the Meri Meri blog I knew that we had to make them. They were so simple to construct. We wrapped boxes in tissue paper, cut out imperfect squares, and taped them onto the boxes. The project cost us $8 and it was so impactful. It didn’t take much time, and because we wanted the windows to look imperfect (or like a kid made them) we didn’t have to spend extra time making sure our shapes were perfectly square. 

Other than the boxes, I used the Meri Meri truck plates to decorate the wall along with an iridescent Happy Birthday sign and some rainbow confetti balloons. On the table, we did cookies by Liddy Mae Custom Cookies, a cake by Teaspoon Cake Shop (these ladies nailed the design and matched the decor perfectly!) as well as cupcakes that I bought at Wal Mart. I swapped out the cupcake liners and added chocolate rocks + truck toppers. I also made takeaway bags with chocolate rocks and sealed them with stickers that featured an excavator and said “I dig you, love Edwin”.  

I decorated the table like a kid table with the Meri Meri decor as well as made a roadway out of white paper and added some toy trucks along with some rainbow confetti. The shelf was also decorated with some of Edwin’s toys we already had, candy blocks, and some other construction paper goods I sourced (shoppable in the carousel below). Lastly, (not to toot my own horn, pun intended) I made a pretty impressive dump truck out of vegetables that everyone loved! 

Edwin had such a great time at his birthday party and was talking about it for days after. He did not want me to take down the decor so we left it up for an extra day which made him happy. I can’t believe my little guy is 3 years old! He is simply the apple of my eye and I could not be prouder of this sweet little soul. 

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