TV Stand Makeover

April 9, 2014

1When it comes to interior decorating I tend to be extremely indecisive. I allow myself to look at far too many pictures on Pinterest, and can spend hours at home stores like West Elm and Crate and Barrel, imagining all of ways I could decorate our home. What usually ends up happening however, is that I become so overwhelmed with all of the design possibilities and leave my home bland and undecorated.  A few months ago my boyfriend and his brother mounted our TV to the wall (you can see before here) leaving an empty dresser turned TV stand to be decorated.  I have thought about what I’d do with the stand for nearly two months and in that time spring arrived. I finally made up my mind and decided that since spring is a time to growth and bright and bold colours, what better than to take that mantra and complete our TV stand. Ever since finishing this project I have been staring at this pretty little corner in our living room. Not only does it brighten my mood it gives me hope for warmer days ahead!
2 [Fresh flowers always add a cheerful and bright element to any room. Make sure to bring in flowers that are seasonally appropriate like tulips for spring.]

3 [This Blue ombre vase from Chapters/Indigo is perfect for fresh flowers, art supplies or anything else that needs holding.]

4 [I normally stick to white or lucite trays for around our home, but for spring I wanted to brighten up with a bold yellow one.]

5 [Instead of tossing the extra grass from the tulips, cut them to size and add them into a smaller vase.]

6 [The flower petal shaped edges on this bowl are unexpected and perfect for spring, and only $3 at Loblaws!]

8 [The Kate Spade “Things we Love” book is filled with beautiful imagery for everyday inspirations]

10 [This candle from west elm is called pebble and it has the lightest and prettiest floral smell.]

11 [There are always going to be items from around your house that you can add to your tabletop. This metal plane for example added a bit of masculinity to a very feminine table.]

12 [Adding things in bowls or teacups like matches from vacations you have been on add a personal touch to any tabletop]

Where to Purchase:
1. Blue Ombre Ceramic Vase- Chapters/Indigo $12.50
2.  Marine Blue Small Apothecary Vase- Chapters/Indigo $12.50
3. Kate Spade Things we Love Book- Kate Spade $40.00
4. Flower Bowl- Loblaws $3.00 (in store only)
5. High Gloss Yellow Tray- CB2 $34.50
6. 3 wick Candle- West Elm $25.00
7. Sally Hansen Nail Polishes- I Lilac You, Barracuda, Peach of Cake

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