Gift Guide: Gifts For The Home Lover

November 19, 2014

For my second gift guide, I have rounded up gifts that I think any home lover will enjoy. I consider a home lover someone who not only takes pride in the appearance of their home, but also loves to spend time in it. They are definitely home bodies who love to snuggle up on the couch with a good book, or watch all of the seasons of Scandal…at once (I would never…). I consider myself to be quite the home body, so I feel like this gift guide is right up my alley, and hope it will be up your home lovers too!

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1. Coasters that will bring any home down to earth. $42
2. A vase as pretty as the flowers you will put in it. $75
3. Cozy socks that are perfect for chilly days spent by the fire. $11.28
4. Not only is this blanket super soft, it’s also extremely stylish. $89.50
5. This diffuser is jam packed full of holiday scents like pomegranate, mandarin orange, cloves and cinnamon. $45.12
6. How cute is this hot water bottle complete with pink pom poms and a reindeer. $34.50
7. branch candles that will bring a little bit of the outdoors inside. $24.00
8. This globe will bring a little extra holiday cheer to any ones home. $24
9. This tray is perfect for displaying little odds and ends. $32
10. Because every home lover could use an extra throw pillow. $45
11. Your home lover will definitely appreciate how pretty these soap and hand cream bottles are. $22/each
12. Snuggling up on the couch was never easier with these flannel pj’s $25
13. These baskets are perfect for storing extra pillows and blankets. $58
14. A jewelry box that any home lover would be proud to display. $14
15. A tray that is both useful and personalized. $42

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