Trimester 2 Pregnancy Update and The Maternity Products That I Can’t Live Without

November 29, 2018

I’ve meant to sit down and write my second trimester update for weeks but alas, I just couldn’t seem to find the time. However, it feels fitting that I’m getting around to it now that I’m creeping so close to my third trimester. I am now able to give you all the details about what the entirety of my second trimester of pregnancy was like. Spoiler alert: I did not have the “honeymoon phase” that I was so looking forward to. Instead, my second trimester was met with just as much morning sickness, more aches and pains and a plethora of new symptoms that were just about enough to make me want to stay at home all day. Thankfully, Jamie has been my #1 support through this entire journey and always there for me. I am also so grateful to be so close to my mom now because spending time with her has been amazing during this past month or so. Pregnancy has definitely not been what I’d expected, but through it all I am so proud of what this little guy and I have accomplished so far. I had my 26 week appointment earlier this week and our OB told us that everything was going perfectly. Knowing that our little one is thriving, even though I’m not feeling 100%, makes me feel like all the symptoms are worth it for a healthy baby at the end of this. Keep reading to see what the second trimester has really been like and for a list of the products I can’t get enough of. {End of day snapshot of my belly at 23 weeks.}

How Far Along: Today I am 26 weeks and 5 days pregnant

How I’m Feeling Mentally: During the first trimester of pregnancy I felt SO good mentally. I was almost always in a good mood and didn’t have any feelings of anxiety or depression. However, unfortunately something shifted within the last few weeks and I have been struggling to get my mood in check. I’m not entirely sure that it is all due to pregnancy (though the crying over the most random things certainly is) but rather a combination of so many things happening at once (getting married, moving from Toronto to Halifax, buying a new home, a baby on the way). With all of these huge changes I think it is easy to see how I could be feeling a little stressed and on edge. On top of that, I’ve found myself trying to work through feelings of guilt for becoming pregnant so easily, fears that I’m not going to love the baby enough and have found myself anxious about how our life will change with a new little person entering the picture. This is really hard for me to write and admit to because I feel like there’s such an expectation for women to fit this idyllic pregnancy picture and that I’m simply not living up to it. However, after talking with Jamie, my family and my doctor within the last week I’m learning that these feeling are completely valid and normal. I’m just trying to acknowledge what I’m feeling and trying to stay positive at this time.

How I’m Feeling Physically: In case you weren’t aware, the second trimester of pregnancy is typically referred to as the “honeymoon” phase. Typically during this time, physical symptoms from the first trimester ease off and women feel tend to begin feeling more like themselves. Unfortunately, I am not one of those pregnant women. I have had more or less the same physical pregnancy symptoms for my entire 26 weeks of pregnancy with some more added in along the way for good measure. These symptoms include:

Nausea/Sickness: Luckily, my nausea and sickness has eased off in the last couple of weeks but up until about two weeks ago, I was still finding myself extra nauseas and throwing up at least 2-3 times a week. I absolutely hate throwing up but after doing it multiple times a week for 24 weeks, I was getting pretty used to it, haha! Anyway, I am pleased to report that aside from a little nausea in the mornings, I haven’t been physically sick in my longest period yet and for that I am forever grateful.
Heartburn/Indigestion: I LOVE my spicy food, so I find it hilarious that some days I can’t even take pepper on my egg in the morning as it’s too spicy for my esophagus. I’ve never really dealt with heartburn and indigestion except for on rare occasion and now after going through it,  I REALLY feel for those who deal with this. 
Back/Hip pain: My lower back and hip pain is a symptom carrying over from the first trimester. Thankfully, I recently got in to see a maternity physio therapist and she’s given me some low impact exercises and stretches to practise. Hopefully, they’ll start helping soon!
Restless Leg Syndrome/Foot Cramps: Foot cramps aren’t so bad if I can get my shoe off quick enough to stretch my food out, hah! However, restless leg syndrome is probably the most annoying feeling ever! It’s basically like my legs (particularity my left) feel as though they’re moving when they’re not and I have to constantly shake and kick out my legs. The restless leg syndrome happens in the evenings when the day is over and I’m either trying to go to sleep or relax and watch a show but my legs feel like they want to move and there’s nothing I can do about it. SO.DARN.ANNOYING!
Trouble Sleeping: I know it’s normal to begin waking up a few times during the night as your body is preparing for baby, so I was expecting that. However, I was not expecting to wake up due to being so damn uncomfortable. One night it’s raging heartburn the next back and hip pain and simply not being able to get comfortable. Oh the joys of pregnancy.

Diet, Cravings, Aversions: My diet is pretty much the same as it was in my first trimester except for a bit healthier. I am now able to eat normal meals and have incorporated smoothies back into my diet without wanting to get sick every time I make them. I have had a few random cravings and aversions but nothing that has stuck. I’m pretty much eating everything and anything at this point.

Surprising Things I’ve Found About Pregnancy: Baby kicks! I The first time I felt our little guy kick was in Vermont and I nearly jumped out of bed. At first, I admittedly was freaked out by the way the baby kicks felt because it was such a foreign feeling. My girlfriend told me that kicks start to feel differently as the weeks progress and that they do feel weird in the beginning. She was so right! Now, I just love feeling our little guy kick and squirm around in my tummy. It’s crazy because he has different kinds of kicks or rolls and I love it. I haven’t felt any hiccups yet but I really want to.

Other Updates: We’ve changed our little guys name!!! In my first trimester post I let you guys know that we had a name all picked out but it just wasn’t sitting right with me. We’ve now settled on his name and we both are content and love it. Any guesses?

Finally, we’ve begun to work on the nursery! Jamie and his mom have been incredible and have been prepping the nursery walls and doing all the hard work. Jamie also has to sand the floor because we ripped out the carpet and the original wood was painted the ugliest brown colour…so annoying. I’ve been sourcing furniture and all the little baby items and things are slowly starting to trickle in and I’m getting SO excited! The room probably won’t be revealed until January but I can’t wait to show you!{26 1/2 weeks and poppin’!}

Products I’m loving and can’t live without:

Saje Mother’s Wellness Stretch Mark Blend and Mother’s Wellness Blend Roller Ball: I love the ritual of getting out of the shower and massaging an oil onto my belly. I love the scent of the Saje Mother’s Wellness blend as it is so calming and relaxing. I haven’t gotten any stretch marks yet which I can’t say for sure is due to the oils and creams I’ve used but I like to think they’re helping. The Saje Mother’s Wellness Roller Ball is a blend that I keep in my purse and use if I’m feeling nauseated or anxious. I typically rub it into my hands and breathe it in and it calms me down and it helps the nausea pass. 

Zoe Organics Belly Oil and Belly Butter: These were the first products I bought to use for my belly as when I worked at Blossom Lounge it is what we sold and customers raved about it. While I really love the products I found the belly oil packaging to be small and I didn’t like the pump (I prefer the Saje packaging). The belly butter I only use if I have time to spare as it is quite thick and harder to get out of the jar and warm up in my hands. The products really are great though and work well. I’m actually thinking of purchasing the nipple balm to begin using in the third trimester.

Lululemon Align LeggingsWhile these aren’t maternity leggings I can honestly say that every pregnant women needs a pair (or 2!) of these. I’ve raved about them before on the blog and will continue to do so because they were a true life saver. Not only do they look great but they feel like a second skin. I love them worn over or under my tummy and they’re what I wear if I’m not in the mood to get dressed up and still want to feel put together.

Tums!!!: I think this one is pretty self-explanatory, haha! I seriously live off my Tums (the berry ones are the best) and don’t know what I’d do if they didn’t exist. I’ve been told I can use Zantac for heartburn as well and have definitely thought about it but for now, Tums are my BFF. 

Pregnancy Pillow & Birthing BallI have a love/hate relationship with my pregnancy pillow. I think I’d like it more if we had a king size bed but because we have a queen and share with Milo, having the addition of my pregnancy pillow in bed with us is quite the hassle. It falls off the bed and gets in the way and some nights I think that it is what’s keeping me awake. However, there are nights where I need to have it for support and love the thing…see love/hate relationship. My birthing ball aka exercise ball has been a life saver for back pain. I love sitting on this ball to move my hips around and I use it as my desk chair sometimes. I think the ball is a must have item. 

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