Toddler Easter Basket Inspiration

April 6, 2020

Writing the words “toddler” in the title of this post was quite the realization that I now have a 13-month old running around our house! WOW time flies…it feels like just yesterday that I was shooting the post for Edwin’s first Easter basket that I shared last year. While Edwin is still (and will always be) my baby, I can sure see that toddler demeanour starting to surface. He’s learning how to say “no” and taking little fits when he doesn’t get what he wants. I have a feeling mama and dada are IN FOR IT, haha! Anyway! That’s not what this post is about, even though you know I could talk about my little guy I love love love making baskets, as evident in many posts throughout the years, and I thought that it would be fun to keep the sharing of Edwin’s Easter Basket going. Since he won’t remember that he has already seen his easter presents this year (sorry buddy) I thought it would also be cute to get some photos of him exploring the basket and compare them to last year when he literally couldn’t move.  This years basket is filled with items from companies I love like Kyte Baby (my favourite sleep/loungewear brand), Little Rose & Co. (who make the sweetest wooden toys), homemade play dough (I’ll share that soon but I also love Dough Parlour for a store-bought option), and Hey Folks (a brand of shoes that Edwin has worn since he was born). I colour coordinated everything in a neutral green/blue palette, and used a basket, ribbon and stuffing that I already had at home and am thrilled with how this basket came out! Keep reading to see everything in Edwin’s Easter basket this year and to hopefully gather some inspiration of your own. 

What’s In The Easter Basket:

Hey Folks Soft Sole Sparrow Shoe

Board Book (I put The Runaway Bunny but I also love Peter Rabbit, The Velveteen Rabbit & If I Were a Bunny)

Kyte Baby Zippered Footie in Matcha (Edwin is also wearing the Kyte Baby Romper in Oat)

Stuffed Bunny

Homemade Play dough + bunny cookie cutter (I’ll be sharing the recipe soon but I love Dough parlour play dough as a store bought option)

Wooden bowling pin set

Edwin’s favourite crackers 

Basket, ribbon and paper stuffing

The stuffed animals in the basket on the floor are from a company called Cuddle & Kind. Edwin has had these since he was born but they make a great Easter present as well! For every doll purchased a child in need receives 10 meals. Tip: When stuffing a basket, try to work with the biggest items first and work from back to front. It makes it visually more appealing and easier to get that layered and “full” basket look. We gave Edwin his crackers from his basket since he noticed them and of course, he spilled the entire bag all over the floor. It did made from a pretty adorable photo though!

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