Thoughts On Valentine’s

February 11, 2015


Last week I was upstairs in my bedroom getting ready to play a game of checkers with Jamie (yes we play board games), when I kicked the glass of wine and it spilled all over our carpet, blanket and my new favourite pillow from Target. While I was feeling awful and so sad about my blanket and pillow, Jamie was, for good reason, more concerned about cleaning our floor. I was so sure that I would never get back to Target to get my pillow as they are closing here, the sales had started and I had to work the next morning. However, the next day, Jamie surprised me at my work holding a big bag filled with four of the same pillows that I ruined so that I would always have a back up. I felt so lucky in that moment to have such an amazing boyfriend that would do something so genuinely sweet and who never ceases to amaze me with his kindness and selflessness. My boyfriend’s gesture really got me thinking about Valentine’s Day because it seems to me like the general consensus of the day is either one loves it or hates it. I have always loved Valentine’s Day because I never equated it to having a significant other. Growing up, giving Valentine’s Day cards at school or receiving candy from my mom made the day happy, and I do not ever recall being bummed out on Valentine’s Day because I didn’t have a sweetie to give me gifts. Valentine’s Day should be about celebrating those you love and not about feeling like you have no one to celebrate it with. Giving a cupcake to a girlfriend, a call to your mom or even taking your pet to the park are all acts of love that should be celebrated on Valentine’s Day and every day. I love love, and I am so grateful that I am in love, but love has so many forms, so this Valentine’s Day, whether love comes in the form of a significant other, a friend or a pet, make sure that you are loving yourself first and the mushy gushy stuff will be sure to come later. Happy Valentine’s week!

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