The Coastal Cafe Huevos Rancheros

April 22, 2014

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Ever since I was introduced to the Coastal Cafe in Halifax about 4 years ago by my boyfriends brother, I crave it on a constant basis. I love everything on their menu, but their huevos rancheros is my personal vice. Since moving to Toronto, I can’t satisfy my CC craving when it strikes, so I am left feeling empty inside (not exactly, but pretty close). The other day a craving arose while Matt (my boyfriends brother) and I were talking about how much we enjoyed The Coastal Cafe’s huevos rancheros.  My sister, the lovely little gem that she is, reminded me that I actually owned a cookbook that had that exact recipe in it. I was so overjoyed when I remembered that she was right that I decided to make the huevos the next morning. Naturally, Matt came over the next morning too. Although the exact recipe for the huevos  is only found in the Halifax Tastes cookbook,  here is a similar recipe for you to try out for yourself. And if that doesn’t do the trick you might just have to plan a trip to The Coastal Cafe.







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