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September 2, 2016


1. 7 Ways to Create Instead of Consume (The Elgin Avenue)
2. 10 Unexpected Uses For a Toothbrush (Huffington Post)
3. Growing up With Coming of Age Movies (Man Repeller)
4. Krystin Lee’s Bedroom is all of the goals (Glitter Guide)
5. A Remake of The Black Eyed Peas “Where is the Love?” (Vevo-The Black Eyed Peas)
6. Procrastinate Productively With This Mental Trick (My Domaine)
7. How to Pack Lunches in 5 Minuets or Less (Food 52)
8. DIY Mudcloth Cushions (Burkatron)
9. 10 New Ways to Wear a French Manicure (Elle)
10. Forbes Travel Guide’s 16 Top Destinations for 2016 (Forbes)
11. The 15 Most Underused Perennials (Better Homes and Gardens)
12. 15 TV Shows You Won’t Want to Miss This Fall (Vogue)

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