The Simplified Holiday Entertaining Guide

November 22, 2017

Do I ever have an amazing post for you today! If you saw my Instagram stories last week then you would have gotten a little behind the scenes peek at the holiday party my friend, Sabrina of My Miaou and I threw with none other than Presidents Choice. PC is my go-to brand for holiday entertaining essentials. I’ve been using their products for years and when it comes to the holidays, PC knows what’s up. Every year they never fail to create the most amazing collection full of everything from appetizers to desserts and even stunning home goods. This year President’s Choice has stepped up their game yet again with the most amazing line up in their PC Holiday Insiders Collection and Sabrina and I were lucky enough to test drive the products when we hosted our holiday party last week. I can’t tell you how helpful it was to have delicious pre-made items that could be mixed and matched to create one beautiful holiday spread that Sabrina and I didn’t have to worry about. I am thrilled to share this post inside our holiday party and a bit about what we chose to use and how we styled goodies from the Insiders Collection with you today so be sure to keep reading to see how we pulled this party off without a hitch.
Most of our holiday party took place in Sabrina’s dining room but we wanted to create a cozy, holiday-inspired ambiance in her living room as well. We styled the mantel with handmade garland from Wild North Flowers and tucked in a few twinkle lights and ornaments in the garland for a little something extra. We also hung stockings and stuffed a basket full of blankets pillows from PC Home for guests to curl up with.
{Our spread from left to right: PC Asian Hors D’oeuvre CollectionPC Mini Chicken EmpanadasPC Gnocchi Potato Dumplings with PC Honey & Sea Salt Bacon, PC Dry-Rubbed Hardwood Smoked Chicken Wings, charcuterie board with PC Aged 5 Years Canadian Cheddar Cheese, PC Smoke Flavoured Cheddar Cheese & PC Antipasto Misto, green apples, grapes, gherkin pickles served with crackers, PC Shrimp & Scallop Au Gratin, PC Cheesecake Candy Cane Lollipops, PC Centrefulls Chocolate Cookies.}
For our table setting, we kept things pretty clean and simple but didn’t sacrifice style. We used a neutral linen tablecloth, crisp white plates, white linen napkins, gold flatware, PC stemless wine glasses and finished off with DIY rosemary wreaths and flowers from Wild North.

One of the best things we served, which could be ideal for either an appetizer or main meal, was this PC Gnocchi Potato Dumpling with Honey & Sea Salt Bacon dish. The bacon added the perfect salty/sweet balance and crunch when paired with the cloud-like texture of the gnocchi. Super decadent and delicious for a holiday party
{Toasting with PC The Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookie Flavoured Hot Chocolate mix topped with marshmallows and candy cane pieces, of course.}
Sabrina serving up a glass of champagne with PC Pomegranate Arils that come frozen in the package, making for an entertaining must-have. We served the drink in the prettiest PC “shine on” gold-rimmed glasses
Our charcuterie board with PC Aged 5 Years Canadian Cheddar Cheese, PC Smoke Flavoured Cheddar Cheese & PC Antipasto Misto, green apples, grapes, gherkin pickles served on a PC wood and marble serving board with crackers and bread on the side.
{Flowers by the ever lovely Wild North Flowers.}
How amazing does all this food look together!? It tasted even better! On another note, I’ve been eating the PC Dry-Rubbed Hardwood Smoked Chicken WingsPC Mini Chicken Empanadas, and PC Asian Hors D’oeuvre Collection non-stop. They all have such amazing flavor that your guests will be shocked that you didn’t make them yourself and you will be thankful you didn’t have to!
We made simple rosemary wreaths by simply shaping them into a circle and tying the edges with rustic brown ribbon.
PC Centrefulls Chocolate Cookies look so decadent when served on a gold-rimmed plate. The inside is filled with chocolate so you really can’t go wrong with including these on the dessert table! I’m also completely obsessed with the PC Cheesecake Candy Cane Lollipops. Not only do they make for one cute dessert to serve up, but the lush cheesecake mixed with chocolate and crunchy candy cane pieces make for a scrumptious treat. A Little tip to get them to stay upright: stick styrofoam in the vessel you’re going to be serving them in so guests can easily pull them out themselves. 
Sabrina made this white cake with vanilla frosting the night before our party. The day of we had a ton of fun decorating it by making Christmas trees our of rosemary and using crumbled gingerbread for a “dirt trail”. 
{Gold brand stockings, white dove ornaments, and white house ornament all from PC Home.}
I just love the “Eat, Drink & Be Merry”, and “Falala” pillow from PC, they’re perfect for snuggling up with after a big meal.
{Cheers to the holidays!}

This post was proudly brought to you by President’s Choice

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