Sleep Training Hacks Every Parent Needs to Know & A Review of the Cubo AI Smart Baby Monitor

January 16, 2020

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself since becoming a mom, it’s that I am not the best version of myself when I’ve had little sleep. It’s not something I knew or even thought about prior to having a baby because I was always a very good sleeper. Before Edwin I would enjoy a blissful 8-9 hours of solid sleep a night and sometimes napped during the day. When baby came along, like most new moms, my sleep went out the window. Because I was breastfeeding, I had to wake up with Edwin every 2 1/2 hours for months and that really affected my mental health. I remember in the early days feeling so tired, overwhelmed, and as though I wasn’t doing anything “right”. I constantly worried, Googled and overthought.  Read more…


Speckled Pink

January 15, 2020

Winter has hit us with full force here in Nova Scotia. It’s been either very cold or very snowy almost every day, so finding motivation to wear anything other than my cozy pj’s, and leggings has been few and far between my friends! However, I was recently gifted this beautiful outfit from my friends at Rebecca Taylor and made it my mission to wear it out recently for a lunch date with my mom, Jamie and Edwin. Read more…

Christmas 2019 Gift Guide: My Favourite Holiday Beauty Gift Sets

December 20, 2019

WE MADE IT!!! My last gift guide of 2019! I honestly can’t believe that Christmas is in just 5 days. Does anyone else feel like December flew by? I’m sure I say this every year but this year in particular has been absolutely chaotic. We just decorated our tree yesterday and the holiday cards that we had ready since November didn’t get mailed out until two days ago. I’ve never been this disorganized during the holidays but I’m likening it to a huge workload and a tiny human to take care of. If anything, this season had taught me to be more prepared for next year because I really want to make it my mission to make the holidays feel extra special for Edwin. Read more…

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