Summer Sail

July 14, 2023

Happy Friday, friends! I know, I know, It’s been MONTHS since I last updated this blog platform, and I must admit, it feels a bit nostalgic to be typing away here. (is a blog now considered a relic!?) Life has taken me on a whirlwind these past 4-5 years, and while I’ve been sharing snippets of my journey on social media, I wanted to reconnect with this space and offer a little life update. So, here I am, saying a big HELLO to all of you! Read more…

My Funny Valentine’s

February 14, 2023

Hey friends! Long time no blog post – this is officially the longest hiatus I’ve ever taken. I had every intention of publishing holiday gift guides and content, but life got in the way and I fell off the blogging wagon. Read more…


November 25, 2022

My kids are both at such a fun age for toys. They’re both exploring and learning so much that it sort of blows my mind. Creating this gift guide was so much fun for me because I can truly picture watching my kids interacting and enjoying all of the items in this guide. Read more…

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