Mom of 2 Hacks for Making my Day Run Smoother (and some of the products are on sale!) + A GIVEAWAY

February 22, 2021

Being a mom to two under two is no joke. My days consist of breastfeeding, diaper changes, laundry, cooking, playing, soothing and SO much more. While I admit there are many times throughout my week (heck, even my day) that I feel as though I’m holding on by a thread, there has truly been nothing more fulfilling in my life than raising two of the sweetest boys I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Thankfully, I’ve also learned a thing or two when it comes to keeping things organized and running smoothly. Whether it be a simple hack like meal planning or a great product like a versatile pack ‘n play, here are all of the things that help make my day run a whole lot smoother. Luckily for us too, a few of the products that I’m sharing here today are also on sale for a limited time at Best Buy Canada! is a great go-to for parents and parents-to-be looking for the latest and greatest gear for their children and I have found so many great items during their Baby Events this past year. I’m also giving one lucky Instagram follower a $250 Best Buy Canada gift card so be sure to head on over there to enter!
Pack ‘n play: A pack ‘n play is such a versatile baby product that I never invested in with Edwin but now feel like I can’t live without it! The Graco pack ‘n play (on sale for $199) is a great option because it comes with a detachable bassinet and change pad which makes napping and diaper changing in another room of the house (we keep it in the living room) simple. I love that Edwin can’t reach Eller when he’s sleeping (sometimes he likes to get grabby) and that the pack ‘n play can be later used to contain Eller when playing and taken with us on any overnight trips for sleeping. Most of the time I like to have Eller napping in his bassinet in our room but there are days where he wakes up multiple times and I have to keep checking on him, so when I have him in the pack ‘n play bassinet close by I can be playing with Edwin and soothing Eller pretty much simultaneously.

I keep a “change station” nearby: While I have the pack ‘n play that includes the changing pad I still think it’s important to keep a handy, portable basket nearby with extra diapers, wipes, creams, and a foldable change pad (just in case).Our Diaper bags are packed and ready to go at all times: This is pretty self-explanatory but such a game-changer. I always have everything I need packed and ready to go (with the exception of food) and it saves both time and stress when getting out the door.

Wrap carrier: When I had Edwin, I thought that I would use a wrap carrier all of the time, but I ended up just getting frustrated with them and giving up. However, once I had Eller, I knew that I would need a solution for keeping the baby calm while chasing around a toddler and simply getting things accomplished with two hands. I quickly taught myself how to use a wrap carrier properly and am now like a ninja putting that thing on and getting my bubs into it quickly. I can’t say enough about how much I love using the carrier and how it has saved me on days where Eller doesn’t want to nap on his own.

Involving Edwin in things I do with Eller: I try to involve Edwin in everything I do as much as possible. This includes cleaning, cooking, and helping out with the baby. Edwin LOVES helping me by getting diapers for Eller and keeping me company while I feed him. He can also do simple things like putting his soother in his mouth which is really sweet. I think these little tasks help Edwin feel more involved and builds his independence. In turn, I am able to accomplish the things I need to without worrying about what Edwin is up to.An Ear/Forehead no Touch Thermometer: This might seem like a random product to throw into this list but hear me out. Do you know how hard it is to take a toddler’s temperature!? I do not want to be wasting 15 minutes of my life trying to convince my son to stick a thermometer into his mouth or ear lol! Babies and toddlers also get sick a lot, so having a no-touch thermometer that literally takes .5 seconds to work is everything.

Planning meals in advance and making purposeful leftovers: I have always been the type to ask “what do you want for dinner” the morning of. But after having kids, I realized that planning meals for the week in advance is very necessary. Jamie and I now get everything we need in regards to groceries once a week and we always make more than we need either for leftover lunch or dinner the following day. Doing this helps SO much to save us time and stress thinking about what we’re going to eat. I also like to prep dinner throughout the day if I get a break. For example, if I need to cut veggies, I’ll do that when I have some free time.Baby Monitor: A baby monitor is a must-have no matter how many kids you have in my opinion but you definitely need one if you’ve got two under two! This VTech camera is currently on sale and is a great option for a portable camera/monitor because it comes with 2 cameras!. I love that I can have one camera set up where Eller most likely is alone (our bedroom) and where Edwin is most likely to be alone (his playroom). I love that if Edwin happens to leave my side while I’m preoccupied with Eller I can easily check on him in the playroom and make sure he’s keeping safe.

Taking time for myself: Taking time for myself to recharge has never been more important, especially because I feel like a slave to a two-year-old and an all-you-can-eat buffet to a newborn 99% of the time. Things like showering shouldn’t be considered a luxury, but with two small humans to take care of, it kind of is. However, my daily shower is one thing that I will not sacrifice. This usually means that I’m putting the TV on for Edwin while I relax in a hot shower and complete my skincare routine and I am 100% okay with that. Taking a few minutes to myself to recharge is the least I can do for myself and my kids are better for it. If I happen to have someone coming over to help with the kids, then I will really splurge and take a nice long bath which is wonderful!Taking time for my relationship: Along with taking time for myself, I also think it is extremely important to take time for my relationship with my husband. Having two kids under two can leave us both feeling torched out at the end of the day, but communicating our feelings and our needs has been a game-changer in making this season of life not feel so overwhelming. Jamie and I also make sure to give each other lots of affection throughout the day whether that be a quick peck or tushie grab, haha! When the kids are down, we also love to put away our phones, enjoy a dessert and watch a show together before we pass out and are back on the job the next morning.
And those are my hacks for keeping things running as smoothly as possible with two under two! I’m sure there are more but I’m too sleep-deprived to think of any, haha! I hope that these ideas and products help you out and you have any awesome parenting hacks, I’d love to hear them!

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