Layered in Lace

June 13, 2018

Another week, another trip to the Toronto Flower Market (but are you surprised!?). Last weekend, Jamie and I had a meeting to chat about Jamie’s suit for our wedding. During our appointment, I realized that the flower market was on again and so, after the meeting, we took a little detour to check it out. I think the market is on 2 times a month this year as it seems to be sprouting (pun intended) up with more frequency…I was just there a couple of weeks ago picking up blooms.

Needless to say, I’m very happy that it has been on so often because I love being able to buy flowers by the stem from local vendors. I picked up some simple greens (the flowy greens are raspberry bush and I love them) and some ranunculus, which are hard to spot in these photos but I promise, they’re tucked away in there! 

On the weekends, especially the summer weekends, I tend to keep things on the outfit front pretty casual. I usually pull out my denim Levis, an easy top and slides. While this outfit definitely fits that criteria, this specific blouse feels a little more pulled together than say, a cotton t. This top is another piece from Place Nationale, one of my favourite summer/vacation clothing brands, and it easily up’d my denim shorts game ten-fold. There are a number of details, like the pom-pom trim, subtly revealing lace back with button-down detail, and crocheted sleeves that in theory, might seem overwhelming, but Place Nationale just knows what they’re doing and have once again shot one of their designs to the top of my summer fashion list.

What I’m Wearing: Blouse c/o Place Nationale (here) // Levis 501 Denim Shorts (here) // Le Chateau Huaraches (here) // Mejuri Pendent c/o (here) // Sea & Grass Bag c/o (here)

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