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September 29, 2016

On Tuesday I mentioned that Jamie and I recently spent a Saturday enjoying tea and scones at Kitten and the Bear. Though I have eaten their delicious jam before, I could not believe that I hadn’t sat down to a proper tea service at their adorable 2 table tea room. As luck would have it (besides a camera lens mishap that forced us to drive all the way home and back again) we had the whole place to ourselves to enjoy Kitten and the Bear jams, scones and Sloane Tea. We took full advantage of the space and shot some photos inside and out and I just love how they turned out. I felt my plaid J.Crew jacket was very suited for tea time and I just love how it adds a special pop to an otherwise casual Saturday outfit. 
kitten-and-the-bear-2 kitten-and-the-bear-3 kitten-and-the-bear-4 kitten-and-the-bear-5 kitten-and-the-bear-6 kitten-and-the-bear-7 kitten-and-the-bear-8 kitten-and-the-bear-9 kitten-and-the-bear-10 kitten-and-the-bear-11 kitten-and-the-bear-12
kitten-and-the-bear-13 kitten-and-the-bear-14 kitten-and-the-bear-15 kitten-and-the-bear-16
What I’m Wearing: Blouse; J.Crew (here) // Jeans; c/o Old Navy (here) // Coat; J.Crew (here) // Sneakers; Adidas (similar style) // Belt; (similar)

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