7 Inspirational Instagram Feeds

April 19, 2016

Lately the people who I have been finding the most interesting and intriguing on Social media are the ones who let others in to their lives through their photos and words. They are the ones who can take a beautiful picture and can pair it with an authentic story, whether that be a happy, silly or just plain heart breaking one. These people wear their hearts on their sleeves and their genuine love for what they do shines right through my screen. This list is peanuts in comparison to the amount of amazing and inspirational Instagram feeds that I enjoy following, but for today I’ve rounded up 7 that are at the top of my list. All of these feeds not only stand out aesthetically but have incredible people who are behind them. I hope you all enjoy following along as much as I do!
Boxwood Avenue: Chloe is to me one of the coolest girls out there. She lives on a working cattle ranch in Northern California with her husband (see their adorable wedding on Style Me Pretty), horses, chickens goats and their adorable dog, Cody. I’m not quite sure how Chloe and I connected on Instagram but I am forever grateful that we did. Chloe has honestly inspired me in so many ways. She creates the most beautiful DIY’s, makes delicious looking food and her entertaining skills are something even Martha Stewart would envy. Chloe most certainly takes life by the horns (literally in her case) and I’m positive you will agree after checking out her Instagram and blog. Beyond Chloes impressive crafting skills, she is also such an open and honest soul. It is one of the reasons why I feel so connected with her and inspired by her without having ever met her. If you’ve ever dreamed of living the modern day ranch life in the most stylish way possible then Chloe is your girl to live vicariously through.  
Jenna Kutcher: I think that you can really tell a lot from a persons smile. So what I’m going to assume is that when you look at the photo on the top left hand corner what you see is a woman who is totally genuine and has one heck of a lust for life. Jenna Kutcher is a talented photographer, happiness enthusiast and all around amazing lady. Jenna not only captures the beautiful moments of others but she also shares detailed experiences of her life with her followers. Whether Jenna is sharing her life’s highest of highs or lowest of lows, she is raw, honest, down to earth and completely worth the follow. Plus, she also has an amazing blog and mailing list where she shares insightful tips about things like building your own business, so you should probably subscribe…like now!
Lark and Linen: To my dismay I had never actually heard of Jacquelyn from Lark and Linen up until around a year ago when a friend started talking about her beautiful Instagram feed. As soon as I laid eyes on her stunningly curated Instagram I felt like I was living under a rock and immediately hit follow. Lark and Linen quickly became one of my favourite Instagram feeds and daily blogs to read because of the similarities I see between our aesthetics. I have recently started becoming more and more interested in home decor so I’ve found Jacquelyns blog to be a great jumping off point for home tips and tricks. Aside from being a blogger, Jacquelyn also runs a thriving interior design business which I find incredibly impressive and inspiring (blogging is a full time job in and of itself guys!). Right now, Jacquelyn is working on a project that she has entitled #llprojectdream client which I am having so much fun following along with and I can’t wait to see the finished home!
Letter Folk Co: Husband and wife team Johnny and Joanna (could that be any cuter) started Letter Folk Co. as a sweet reminder that simple words on a board can still be pretty dang powerful. Based on the idea of the old letter boards that you might see at a coffee shop or in a doctors office, Letter Folk Co has seemingly turned something so simple into a work of art. The Letter Folk Co Instagram feed itself is mostly made up of regrams of how others use their letter boards which I love. Whether the board is used for an inspirational quote, funny saying or as a way to introduce a baby (or a puppy) to the world, there are literally endless possibilities on how one could use them. The Instagram feed is a really well curated variety of funny, inspirational,and thought provoking words and phrases that I like to use as a sort of mantra or quote of the day feed.
Raw Beauty Talks: When I recently divulged that I have been struggling with acne for the past year I was so overwhelmed with the amount of love and support I received from my family, friends and followers on social media. I’ve always tried to be an open book on my blog but I’ve realized now more then ever that being truly authentic and honest about my flaws and insecurities is something that I want to share more of. I truly believe that the people who are open and honest about their flaws are the most beautiful because they do not hide who they are, they embrace it. Raw Beauty Talks is a website and Instagram feed that I find so inspiring because they preach this type of lifestyle on a daily basis. The unfiltered, unedited self is worthy and I think it is about damn time we realize this.
Rebecca.Jacobs: Rebecca and I met before Christmas after she asked me out on a little date via Instagram. I am always so happy when people who I admire ask me to meet up because I am NEVER the one to ask first. Truth be told it makes me kind of nervous (seriously, if I didn’t already have a boyfriend I would be alone for the rest of my life, haha!) as I tend to get into my head about what people will think of me. Anyway! I am so glad I met up with Rebecca because she was just the sweetest gal to hang out with! Although we have only ever met a couple of times she is someone who is constantly encouraging me with her sweet comments on my photos and inspiring me with her own. Rebecca is also known to pair her stunning photos with her uplifting words alongside of her branded #stepintoyourstyle hashtag which I think is so clever! Rebecca is a motivational guru when it comes to finding your confidence and your style while on a budget and I love her for that! She is a must follow in my opinion.
This Renegade Love: You might recognize the name This Renegade Love from my Take Note post last Friday where I shared the link entitled “10 Things No One Tells You About Being a Blogger”, but if not let me introduce you! Lauren who is the brains behind the blog, started This Renegade Love just last year after moving back home to Toronto from the UK where she lived and worked full time as a PR manager. Laurens blog is the perfect mix of informative, inspirational and aesthetically beautiful. She posts about brands and people that she finds inspiring (renegades as she so rightfully coins them), gives really great blogging advice and does it all with a fresh perspective and unique, no holds barred voice that I’ve come to love. I’m not sure if it’s a British thing but Lauren says the word DAMN a whole lot and I absolutely loooooove it! 

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