Highs and Lows

March 25, 2016

{Love the minimal packaging of the Himalayan Pink Salk from Belmonte Raw.}

Off all of the times I could have started packing up my fall/winter wardrobe I decided that during this weeks mid-march ice storm would be the most practical, ha! I guess maybe it was wishful thinking that spring had sprung so early but now I’ve decided that if my winter wardrobe is out of sight the weather will inevitably follow suit. I’m looking forward to spending this long weekend with an already clean house so we can just relax and pig out on Easter Chocolate and watch the movie Chocolat (an Easter tradition). I hope you all enjoy your long Easter weekend as well, see you Monday!
{A quick coffee and cookie stop after brunch with Jamie.}
{Feeling light and breezy pieces for spring, do these colours count as serenity and rose quartz?}
{The most beautiful table setting for a weekend dinner party hosted by Melissa.}

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