Highs And Lows

September 28, 2018

{One of my favourite photos from our wedding teasers, walking down the aisle as husband and wife!!!}

We received over 100 wedding teasers from our photographer earlier this week and to say I was bursting at the seams would be an understatement. Every photo was more beautiful than the last and I can’t wait to share every part of our special day with you. For now, the one 1 photo I’m sharing above will have to do! The rest of my week has been a mixture of work and events. I had the chance to see A Star is Born which I cannot reccomend enough (especially if you’re looking for a good cry) as well as check out Legends of Horror at Casa Loma. It was a pretty packed week and I’m looking forward to laying low this weekend and apple picking on Sunday. I hope you all have a lovely weekend, see you Monday! 

{Checking out the dreamy space that is the newly opened Design Department.}

{How spooky is this projection on Casa Loma for the “Legends of Horror” walk!?}

{Cozy wall sweaters in the most delicious fall colours.}

{My new love bird friends, appropriately named G&T.}


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