Army and White

August 7, 2014


I am a bargain hunter by nature, so when I fell in love with a pair of pants at a local boutique that were $160 I was a little hesitant to purchase. They were a gorgeous print but because they were a rayon blend I knew that the quality just wasn’t going to be there for the price. I told myself I would take a trip to Winners and if I didn’t see anything there I liked just as much I would go back and get the pants.  Luckily for me I always end up finding something at Winners so when I came home with a pair of pants, blouse, shoes and a dress for less than what I would have paid for the original pants, I knew it was the right decision. 2








10What I’m Wearing: Top; Winners (similar) // Pants; Winners (similar) // Heels; Winners (similar) // Bag; c/o Michael Kors (here)// Earrings; Liz Palacios (here) // Sunglasses; Customized Ray-Ban (here)


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