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January 30, 2014


Looking at these pictures makes me miss Halifax desperately, it also makes me miss being able to walk on two feet but that’s another story. One of the things I miss most about Halifax is the Hydrostone, a little slice of paradise right before downtown Halifax that is filled with amazing food and specialty boutiques. Although I know there are so many places to discover in Toronto I still have yet to find many of them, so as soon as this foot of mine heals, I am making it my mission to find my own slice of paradise in Toronto that makes me feel like the Hyrdostone does.




Kaylee 2


What I’m Wearing: Turtleneck; Club Monaco (here) // Dress; Club Monaco (similar) // Coat; Old Navy (similar) // Boots; Joe Fresh (similar) // Necklace; Zara (similar) // Bag; Rachel Zoe (similar)

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