Highs And Lows

October 19, 2018

{I didn’t know visiting an alpaca farm was a dream come true until it happened.}

Is it just me or did this week seemingly fly by!? We arrived back in Toronto from Vermont late Monday evening and have pretty much been go-go-go ever since. Between packing (Jamie is doing most of that), work, and trying to squeeze in every last second with my sisters and Toronto in general, this week zoomed by in an instant. In very exciting news, I felt out little guy kick for the first time while we were away and have felt little squirms and kicks ever since. It’s so crazy that I now know when he’s awake and active and the feeling is unlike anything I can put into words. Jamie and I also celebrated 11 years together on Monday which I feel so so proud of. We kept it pretty low-key since we were driving back from Vermont that day but, Jamie did surprise me with the A Star Is Born record which was extremely sweet. I still love that he bought me that record player because now Jamie always buys me special records that I can forever link to certain occasions. This weekend, I’m planning on having a pre-Halloween night with my sisters complete with Hocus Pocus and junk food since Jamie and I will have moved backed to Halifax by Halloween. We’re also going to go for a crisp fall walk that I hope includes hot apple cider. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, see you Monday!

{a 3-grilled cheese and 1 big bowl of chili to split date with my sisters in the Distillery District.}
{Beautiful fall flowers from my friends at Joe Fresh.}
{Chai tea and a virgin-bloody mary make for an odd combination, but I couldn’t choose whilst at Monarch & Milkweed and so I got both. }

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