Highs and Lows

October 25, 2013

{Scoping out the best pumpkin to later carve into a jack-o-lantern.}

There are no words to describe this week for me. It has been filled with amazing opportunities, people and experiences, yet been so hectic that everything has now started blending together in my head and I am beginning to feel (and look) reminiscent to a zombie. I love it though, the rush I get before the shows are about to start, running from place to place-I wouldn’t change it. After Saturday I am throughly going to enjoy sitting down with a glass of red, watching a movie and eating cheap take-out, but not before sorting through all of my favourite looks from each show and posting them for you!

{Sneaking a kiss in front of The Great Pumpkin.}

{After the Mikhael Kale show before the official start of WMCFW-still one of my favourite shows and looks of the week.}

{Watching the models get their makeup done by Maybelline and hair done by Redken backstage at WMCFW.}

{My mom sent us the most adorable Halloween care package from Halifax complete with venomous and poison glasses and skull shooters.}

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